Month: July 2020

Tips on how to take care of pets post COVID-19 lockdown

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The sudden outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic had forced almost the entire world to lockdown. While we wait for the vaccine, we must learn to live with the virus. Living under quarantine, restriction of movement, social distancing, and self-isolation has become the new normal. For many, adjusting to living in restrictions was challenging, while others had a tough time returning to the regular routine. Amidst all this, we often forget about our pets that have become used to us spending significant time at home. As we prepare ourselves to resume work and travel, we must not forget to help our pets adapt to life before COVID-19.

During the lockdown and quarantine, pets provide respite from all the anxiety and depression to many. From providing comfort to being exercise partners, pets have helped people cope with the chaos and stay positive and happy.

Amongst all the pets, dogs may experience difficulty …

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