4 Reasons to Have A Rabbit


Are you in doubt if you should have a pet bunny? Is there little information on the subject in the media or in your circle of friends? In this article, the reasons for having a rabbit, we hope to clarify doubts and make your indecision disappear due to the right cause, in a fun and simplified way.

Let’s address peculiar features of rabbits as well as general caring while having them as pet.

1. Silent

Who does not stress with their day to day life? Or do you get exhausted at home after a day’s work? Having a companion at home is usually a great solution to this problem; however an animal also has its needs and quirks that may be out of tune with the feelings of its owner.

It is clear to realize how these animals fit, and very well, in this reality. It is common knowledge that we should never say never, to be exhaustive about the absence of noise from rabbits is unreal.

2. Size

Is space in the house a problem for you? If so, a rabbit can be a good pet for you. For they are small animals, do not require large space and we do not mean only the place that will be destined to the animal when you cannot be with him, like for example, when leaving for work.

After all it is possible to offer a perfectly healthy and happy life to your bunny without ever leaving the comfort of your home. They are animals that require little of their owner: attention mainly in the form of treats (fruits) and caring will determine not only the joy of your pet as your degree of socialization.

3. Food

The cost of balanced nutrition with good food diversity is cheap. You can even set up a menu for your pet having the correct information, costing you less. In addition to his own observation about what most pleases the palate of his companion.

Are you in doubt about what to give your rabbit? Order most suitable food for your small pet at www.petsexpert.co.uk.

4. Vaccination

You do not have to worry, which means that it does not cost so much to the owners of these animals.

As a curiosity, in European countries bunnies need to be vaccinated against two viruses – myxoma and calicivirus . You may wonder. Because rabbits are naturally found animals in the European ecosystem, and even pets end up exposed to diseases.

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