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Postponing Getting Your Kids a Pet

Children will after some time ask to keep a pet. Should you be prepared for one, then you as a family shall be happy. However, if you are not, it shall be tricky turning them down. The way you handle your response will determine their reaction while allowing you to be better prepared in future.

For them to understand, offer a logical response to their ‘why?’
A simple response of no to their query will be met with protests, making all of you frustrated as they shall keep pestering you. A good reason should quell the situation. If there is a planned family activity such as a holiday coming up, kids will see the sense of postponing getting a pet. There is a chance they may not let the matter rest but come up with more reasons. They are getting skilled in getting you to agree with their viewpoint. You better be ready.

Let them know the amount of work involved in keeping a pet.
There are children who believe caring for a pet is no different from caring for their stuffed animals. When they are shown the kind of work they will have to do and the stress that goes with it, they are likely to tell you to put off the purchase. Write down all the activities involved in taking care of one, have them go through it and confirm whether they can perform all the activities, such as collecting pet poop or treating them for fleas, which is normally an unpleasant experience. That should make them think otherwise concerning keeping a pet.

Older kids should be able to handle the truth
Older kids are best placed to understand why you can’t have a pet at the moment. After seeing how the world works, they will understand if you don’t have the money to buy one, or if they are going to college elsewhere far and will not be able to look after the pet.

Offer an alternative pastime
Since they currently can’t have a pet, suggest something else they could do. To help them become better pet owners as time goes, suggest activities like taking care of the neighbors’ pets, or taking shifts volunteering at the animal shelter or working at a pet shop. Busy neighbors may also need them to walk their dogs, for a fee. While they are getting better at caring for an animal, they are also working towards making enough money to buy their own.

Before deciding, find out what it will mean to own a pet, both for your kids and for you as parents, especially what the experience will teach the kids, then give them your answer to their request. Getting a pet may end up being a great thing for your family. Whatever the outcome, prepare well your explanation before talking to your children.