5 Ways to Avoid Mosquito Bites in Babies


Avoiding mosquito bites on babies is vital to protect their skin and also dangerous diseases that might occur at any time.

Mosquitoes carry various diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, and other dangerous conditions. Now, to avoid these diseases, here are five ways you can do to avoid mosquito bites on babies.

1. Keep the baby clean

One cause of the mosquitoes bite is the smell of a sweat from the baby’s body. So, the first way to avoid mosquito bites is to keep your baby clean. Bath your baby in the morning and evening to make his body stays fresh and clean.

2. Keep the environment clean

In addition to maintaining a clean body, maintaining the cleanliness of the surroundings is also important to avoid mosquito bites on babies. Avoid piling up trash, close water storage containers, and clean the house regularly every day. You can also put mosquito repellent plants, such as lavender, lemon balm, or geranium.

3. Use a mosquito net in the baby’s bedroom

To avoid mosquitoes in the baby’s bedroom, you can use mosquito nets on the bed, in the baby box, or on the door. The use of mosquito nets is safer than the use of anti-mosquito repellent with a pungent aroma for babies. You can also use a mosquito net on the stroller to keep your baby safe while traveling. Do not forget to wash the mosquito net regularly.

4. Use anti-mosquito lotion

You can also avoid mosquito bites on babies with direct protection on their skin using mosquito repellent lotion. Anti-mosquito cream usually contains citronella and eucalyptus, the aroma mosquitoes hate. Use a special anti-mosquito lotion for babies when the baby is sleeping or on the move.

5. Avoid using scented products

At night some people may still use scented products on their babies such as fragrance oil. The aroma might help make you sleep more soundly. But scented products may bring mosquito attention. Therefore, as much as possible, avoid the use of perfume in infants.

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