6 Rookie Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Buying Dog Meds Online


Much like buying everything else, there is no denying the convenience of buying dog meds from online stores. Most reputed online pet pharmacies have a better stock of pet products and prescription pet meds than an average vet’s office. Online stores also offer better discount percentages on monthly dog meds such as spot-on tick medications and joint-care supplements.

However, not all online pet pharmacies are the same and some sell expired and counterfeit products. Even if you are buying from a reputed pet pharmacy that sells genuine products, you can miss out on opportunities to save money if you are not shopping smart.

If you are a new pet parent or a veteran pet parent who is new to online shopping, this post is for you. We reveal the top 6 mistakes you need to avoid when buying medicines for your dog from an online store.

Buying From an Online Pet Pharmacy That Does Not Ask For Prescription

You can buy over-the-counter dog meds online without prescription. However, if the pet pharmacy doesn’t ask you to upload a prescription for a prescription medication that’s definitely not a good sign. It’s against the law to sell prescription pet medications without a vet’s prescription. This means any online pet meds store that sells drugs without a prescription is inherently unethical.

According to FDA regulators, a lot of these pet pharmacies sell counterfeit medication or relabel expired pet meds. Some pet pharmacies that do not ask for prescription also sell unregulated products, which can end up doing more harm than good to your pet.

As a general rule, stay clear of sites that do not ask for prescriptions.

Not Scanning the Site for Discount Coupons

Sometimes we are in such a hurry to buy a product or medication that we forget to check for discount coupons. We miss coupon codes that are right there on the homepage. Most big pet care pharmacies offer regular discounts on medications and offer an additional discount on the entire cart value by offering coupon codes to all customers.

Here’s an additional tip. If you don’t find any coupon codes on the homepage, try and find the coupons section. Most online stores have a dedicated page where they list all of their coupons. These coupons usually have different terms and expiry dates, but you are likely to find codes that are applicable for your purchase.

Buying from a Non-Accredited Online Business

Accreditations prove that the online pet pharmacy has been audited by an independent body to provide genuine medication and quality service. When it comes to pet pharmacies, the VIPPS accreditation is valued more than others. Issued by the National Association of Board of Pharmacy, this is the same organization that certifies pharmacies that sell human drugs.

Not Reaping the Benefits of the Membership Plan

Membership plans create a win-win scenario for pet parents looking for supplies as well as online pet supplies stores. The membership fee encourages customers to stay loyal to the store and the discounts allow customers to save money in the long run.

Before paying for a membership plan, be sure to check the discount percentages for all the pet products and medications you usually buy every month. This will help you to calculate the amount of money you should save every month.  Once you have that figure, you can use that to calculate how much you are likely to save per year and if it’s more than the membership fee.

Ignoring the Emails

Once you create a customer account on any of the popular pet pharmacies, you will start receiving promotional emails. We have come to develop a habit of ignoring all promotional emails and newsletters.

If you are serious about saving money, you need to fight that instinct and check out mails you get from the pet pharmacies. A lot of them have coupons and exclusive offers that can grat you extra savings for your purchases.

Buying from a Site That Does Not Feature Honest Customer Reviews

One of the reasons why Amazon is so popular is because it has created a platform for honest customer reviews. Unless the reviews are obscene or derogatory in any manner, there is little chance they are going to be taken down. This proves that the site puts its customers first.

Much like Amazon, you need to rely on a pet pharmacy that contains both good customers and bad ones. If all the products have equally high ratings, then it’s reason enough to be skeptical. Check out if the site allows you to leave honest reviews, even if you don’t have anything good to say about a particular product.

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