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Dogs make amazing pets and they are called man’s best friend for a reason. They become our companions, our best buds, side-kick; whatever you want to call them, they will be there. It’s always so heartwarming to hear an amazing adoption story. For example, my dog was rescued at an animal shelter after being left in a plastic bag overnight. NOw, 13 years later, he is still my best friend.

I once saw a bumper sticker that always stuck with me. It read, “Who rescued who” and it had the name of the local animal shelter in my neighborhood. It really made me start to think about all the ways my rescue pup actually saved my life.


I got my dog, Guinness, when I was a freshman in college. Money was tight, I relied a lot on coupons to get the basics: groceries, gas, and even help with my cell phone. I interned at the animal shelter for one of my classes, and even though I loved all the dogs, only Guinness caught my eye.


When he came in, my heart exploded. He was so little and so scared. I heard his story and that was it. I HAD to have him. Since then, he has watched me graduate college and grad school, moved to 5 different states, was there for me when I started and left different jobs, and has stood by my side when other people didn’t. He really is my best friend.


When I am scared, I think about that time I first met him and scared he was as well. He was left overnight, in a plastic bag, and almost died. All this before he even turned 9 weeks old. His life started off rough, but now he has seen the world and did it with me by his side. He saved my life more than I saved his. Rescue really is the best breed.

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