Case Study: My Experience With Pets


The idea that guard dogs can also work as service dogs are so far from the truth, but those who have been trained as service dogs can still be trained to become a guard dog, but not necessarily the other way around. The main jobs of service dogs are to become pets to those who are handicapped (hearing impaired and visually impaired) individuals, and provide them the assistance that they needed in order to perform their daily functions. You cannot just pick any dog to perform this kind of role, there are still certain qualities that must be seen in the pet before they are even trained to become service dogs.

In order to get chosen for the training, they must mainly display qualities such as patience, slow build of anger though they are constantly alert and on guard, a stable emotional temperament, must be in excellent health condition, as well as being loyal to their owners.

If you are thinking of letting your dog undergo ptsd service dog training, make sure that you do a thorough research about it first. This is because, undergoing training is not as easy as it sounds – you have to be emotionally and financially ready, as well as you must also have the time available to dedicate yourself and your pet to the training; and last but not the least, decide on which special type of training it is that you want your dog to undergo.

Indeed, choosing to undergo ptsd service dog training is not an easy task. More than that, you have to face the reality that your dog will not become truly dedicated, loyal and attuned to your needs after just a couple of hours of training; it will take years in order to develop and rear it from them but as long as you are patient and willing, then you and your pet will get there.

The primary job of a service dog is to assist those individuals who cannot see or hear, as well as for mobility needs, and also to serve as a guide or as a watchdog for anything that might pose grave dangers to his owner.

To train service dogs, handlers or owners must decide on it while they are still puppies, and would need to continue until they are adult dogs already. They must learn to wear their collar and vest during the early stage of their lives. In reality, choosing to let your pet train to become a service dog must be a whole-hearted decision on your part, for it is not a simple training at all and will entail huge responsibilities for both you and your pet as you go through with it from start to finish.

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