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How a Law Firm Can Help Resolve Several Legal Issues Any accused individual who does not receive help from an attorney cannot obtain any guarantees of justice in case of trial. It’s also difficult to resolve a domestic issue in a way that produces a favorable outcome if a concerned party is not represented by a good attorney either during negotiations or litigation. Fortunately, you can go to an Alexandria VA law firm for assistance concerning a spectrum of family and criminal law issues. Divorce Proceedings Family lawyers from a reputable law firm can help a great deal if you’re initiating, facing, or contesting a divorce. A divorce is associated with very difficult times, especially financially and emotionally, but allowing a lawyer to help results in proper decision making without emotional compromises.
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With the help of a lawyer, several divorce issues can be solved, including:
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Alimony: Divorcing spouses can agree on this between themselves or a court can determine it. No matter your option, legal counsel can see to it that you don’t incur any undue financial losses from the way this concern is resolved. Child support/visitation/custody:This is usually a hotly contested, emotive issue during any divorce proceedings. Both parents want the best of their kids, but it’s important that each party understand what the state law says about this. A divorce attorney can chip in to help. Asset sharing: Also a commonly contested issue, asset sharing due to a divorce can be complicated. From the matrimonial house to other assets acquired over the course of a marriage, deciding how to share these can be tricky, and the help of a divorce lawyer is usually welcome. Help With Criminal Charges If you’re facing criminal charges, that’s not an issue that’s easy to overcome without the help of a criminal defense attorney. The aim of criminal defense is to use calculated reasoning to counter the legitimacy or adequacy of any evidence the prosecution presents before a court or jury. Keep in mind that the role of the prosecution in a criminal trial is to prove that the charges against you are true, and therefore worth of a “guilty” court verdict and all the punitive measures provided for under the relevant criminal laws. However, your criminal defense attorney will contest the charges, water down the submitted prosecution evidence, and strive to avoid a “guilty” determination, or at the very least, convince the court to give a less severe sentence. A criminal defense law firm will be useful to you if you’re being accused of DUI driving, assault, theft, or drug offenses. When you’re handling any type of legal problem, for example a divorce or criminal charge, a law firm can save you from a lot of stress.