How to get rid of caterpillars on plants & inside the house


Caterpillars are a type of pest. Its existence is quite alarming because it can damage plants. Caterpillars will continue to eat the leaves of plants that we have. Besides, the skin also becomes itchy when in contact with fur. If there are caterpillars on plants or in your home, immediately visit the S.W.A.T pest control service site at

Is there a way to effectively get rid of caterpillars on plants or at home? Of course, there is. You can eradicate caterpillars in a variety of effective ways. Curious how?

  1. Discard Directly

No need to bother looking for ways to get rid of caterpillars because you can get rid of them directly. If there are not too many caterpillars, just take them and throw them away from your house or plant. If necessary after being taken, you can immediately eradicate the caterpillar hair by stepping on it.

To take caterpillars do not use hands directly. Use disposable chopsticks and take the caterpillars one by one. The use of chopsticks can prevent hands coming in contact with caterpillars directly so that the hands do not itch.

  1. Wrap the Plant in a Tissue

The next way to get rid of caterpillars is quite unique but very easy to do. First of all, your garden must provide a roll of tissue that is usually placed on the toilet. This tissue will later be used to wrap the leaves of plants which are infested with caterpillars.

In addition to using a tissue, it turns out you can also use plastic cups. Put plastic cups to cover the leaves. The caterpillars will leave soon because they don’t like leaves covered with tissue or plastic.

  1. Planting Plants that caterpillars do not like

Caterpillars do live by eating the leaves of trees and plants. However, it seems that there are several types of plants whose leaves are not preferred by caterpillars, instead, they are avoided by caterpillars. Plants that are not preferred by caterpillars generally have quite a pungent leaf scent, such as basil, lavender, and mint.

So, you can replace plants in your yard with plants that are not liked by these caterpillars. Believe me, over time the caterpillar population at home will disappear because there are no plants whose leaves can be eaten.

  1. Burn the population of caterpillars

One solution to get rid of more and more caterpillars in your home or garden is to regularly burn these caterpillars. All you have to do is first collect caterpillars in a container, such as a used bottle of mineral water, then close the container tightly.

After all the caterpillars in the house and garden have been collected, remove the caterpillars from the container and stack them on a pile of dried leaves or paper that is not used. Give a little gasoline or kerosene to start a fire, then ignite it with fire. Do this burning regularly so that the caterpillar population in your home is getting used up.

  1. Create Natural Pesticides

Did you know that the way to get rid of caterpillars on plants is to use pesticides? No need to buy liquid pesticides that contain chemicals because you can make your own from safer ingredients. The natural pesticides to be made are safe for plants such as fruits and vegetables to be eaten. Spray this pesticide liquid on plants or trees that are infested with caterpillars.

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