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A Quick Guide to Fleas and Treatments

We all have pet; a dog, cat or rabbit. Fleas come mostly during summer when there is a lot of heat and warmth. But it would be better if you had prevented the flea from your compound instead of treating them.When you see a flea, keep in mind there are several others or their larvae and eggs around your home.

One of the ways for flea treatment for your dog is by washing your dog in flea and tick shampoo. Purchase the flea powder, using a brush apply it all over your dogs’ body; from head to the tail. Purchase a flea spray that can kill both fleas and their eggs or larvae.

If you have gone to a cattle ranch, you may have been fortunate enough to see a cattle dip, basically to treat ticks on cattle. It is not just a collar because it is a medicated collar, it also has to fit on your dog’s neck perfectly so that the dog doesn’t get a chance to lick it, it also has a time limit, maybe two months, however, if the dog skin is irritated before the period is over, you can take off the collar and use other flea treatment methods.

There is a common phrase that “Prevention is better than cure”, well, this too can apply to flea treatment for our pretty pets such as dogs. Application of ‘spot on’ treatment is another way to kill fleas that land on your dog.

One of them is combing your dog with a flea comb. Soap traps and lifts fleas up, it also disrupts their cell membrane and removes their protective waxes, thus killing them. Make sure you don’t dry your dogs’ skin, do this repeatedly for three days.

For lavender oil, you just need a few drops and you good to go. First, you need to coat your dog with a repellent, then spray the solution all over its body but concentrating on parts that are prone to fleas such as behind the ears and under the legs.Just like lavender oil, rosemary smell is known to expel away flea.

Whereas, most of the flea treatment are either applied or sprayed, the brewer’s yeast is mixed with the dogs’ food daily. Again, ensure the area where your dog sleeps is tidy and clean, spray it occasionally. The ultimate reason for treating these fleas from your dog is because when a flea bites a dog it cause an allergy, anemia (when flea suck all its blood) and there is a risk of being infected with worms, such as tapeworms.

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