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If you are confused about choosing a pet at home, you should choose a cat. Because, maintaining a cat is claimed to be able to relieve the stress of its owner you know. In addition, cats can also be used as cool playmates.

Many types of pet cats that can be selected. However, you cannot choose it carelessly because it can affect health especially if the cat has not been vaccinated or not, searching for Cat breeders is not easy, therefore you can search for information on the internet, such as which has already clearly has good credibility.

Catlovers can choose pet cats based on the criteria for these cats, including BQ (Breed Quality), SQ (Show Quality), and PQ (Pet Quality). The price of pet cats that are most easily searched for as pets is a type of domestic cat or domestic cat. However, catlovers still have to pay attention to the cleanliness and condition of the cat so that he remains healthy and as the owner will also remain healthy.

Choose pet cats based on SQ or show quality. Based on the standards of the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), there are 5 parts of the body that must be considered, namely the head, body, hair, color, and balance. For the head, there are 3 things to consider such as ear shape, head shape, and eye shape.

In the body, several things that must be considered, namely in the chest whether muscular or not, in the forearm, in the fist and hair. Body shape must be balanced or proportional between the length and size of the body. Some types of cats are balanced by the length and shape of the tail, but some have larger or smaller tails.

Also pay attention to BQ or breed quality which will determine the most expensive type of cat or breeders of that type of cat. Pay attention to the potential breed and quality of the cat if the catlovers want to mate with a certain breed to get a new breed. In this way, catlovers can find out the weaknesses and advantages of certain races. This method is very necessary for catlovers who also want to build a cattery to develop and sell cat breeds.

Other things to consider when choosing a type of pet cat are:

1. Pay attention to the cat’s teeth, is it clean and intact. Ear hygiene must also be considered. From the teeth and ears, catlovers can find out whether the cat is healthy or not. Giving vitamins is one solution to maintain cat stamina.

2. The personality of the cat. Each cat breed has a different nature and personality. For example, native cats are more active and persian cats are more reserved and lazy. Customize also with your personality. If you are among those who are less active playing with cats, catlovers can choose persian cats.

Don’t forget to choose a cat that has been vaccinated so that the cat is more resilient and stronger against disease. If catlovers choose a native cat, don’t forget to give the vaccine so that the pet cat remains healthy. (ast)

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