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To Refill or Not To Refill Ink Cartridges

Many ink refilling stations has popped up from nowhere like mushrooms over the past several years. Instead of purchasing a new cartridges, these ink refilling shops simply refill your existing empty cartridges. There are even ink refilling shops that sell a do it yourself ink refill kit.

The idea of refilling an empty cartridge rather than replacing it has caught the attention of many. Original cartridges cost more than having to refill an ink cartridge. Can anything go wrong in doing ink refills?

Whey are ink refills preferred by consumers than replacement cartridges? The main reason is the cost of replacement cartridges. You will save a lot of money when you have your empty cartridges refilled than getting a replacement cartridge.
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Here is why you should go for ink refills than replacement cartridges.
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You will have no issued with ink refills if you have a ink jet printer. Liquid ink of colors black, yellow, cyan, and magenta are used through a inkjet printer. Most large ink refilling companies refill empty ink cartridges with the promise of quality as you would expect from a replacement cartridge. Having your empty cartridges refilled than throwing them actually contributes a lot of help to the environment. Being made out of non-biodegradable materials, an empty ink cartridge does not decompose easily and forms part of the waste. Ink refilling activities can contribute to the elimination of waste in the community.

However, refilling ink cartridges for laser printers is discouraged. The process of refilling ink cartridges for laser printers is done in a substandard way by ink refilling companies. A refilled ink cartridge for a laser printer usually ends us messing the printer.

How is ink refilling done? You would need a few things before you start refilling an ink cartridge. You would obviously need a printer ink. You can buy a printer ink at any ink refilling station. A syringe is necessary to get your empty cartridge refilled. Consider to get a syringe with a smaller needle. Lastly, you would of course need an empty cartridge.

To being the process, locate the black spot which is usually found on the sticker covering the cartridge. The black spot serves as a marker where the hole through which the ink can be injected may be found. It’s as simple as drawing ink into the syringe and slowly injecting it into the empty cartridge.

Do not be in a hurry when drawing ink into the syringe as it will produce bubble which you do not exactly want to happen. Air gaps are formed in the cartridge when bubbles are present. The ink cartridge will get clogged if there are air gaps present.

Refilling an ink cartridge can get pretty messy. You will need tissue paper.