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Different Window Shades that Add Beauty to your Home

Choosing window shades for your home decor needs can really be an overwhelming experience since you get to have various options. The styles and features of these shades also vary. The prices for these shades vary according to the type you chose. The best thing to do to identify the best option is to compare one type from the other and these includes the types such as the cellular or honeycomb, roller, solar, Roman, woven wood and pleated.

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When it comes to basics, the roller shade is the best choice to have since it also possesses very interesting features. The roller shade is simple made up of a vinyl or flat piece of fabric that is being rolled up to expose your window. Most of the styles offer elegant looks and some even come up with a valance so that the hardware at the top can be well hid. These can range from blackout to sheer.
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Solar shades can be compared to roller shade. Solar shades are like screens that are being pulled down over your window so that there will be less glare and solar heat. Even if there is a screen, you can still look outside. If you are looking for both energy efficiency and style, you can count on the solar shades.

Another type is the pleated which is both basic and cost-effective. Making a pleated shade requires the polyester material but this can also have various attractive styles. Some of these shades even have an extra layer to help block the sunlight and increase its insulating properties. One of its best features is that fact that during winter, the cold is out while the heat is in or vice versa during summer.

If you are looking for the most energy-efficient shade that would be the cellular shade or honeycomb shade. This type of shade consists of two to three layers of fabric that are sewn so as to come up with the honeycomb. The air is being trapped by the cells and this is the basic reason why cold or heat cannot escape inside or out. It is even considered to be better insulator than pleated but the cost is way too high.

The most attractive type is the Roman. The Roman is made up of both the relaxed and flat style wherein different colors and fabrics are available.

Window shades are very stylish and you can choose from a lot of options. You always have the last decision on what type to buy but of course you also have to consider your money intended for it.