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4 Ways of Managing Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog

The overly exaggerated newspaper and magazine articles about Staffordshire Bull Terrier have made it get labeled as a dangerous breed. What people don’t know is that Staffies are affable in nature just like other dogs and are safe to adopt or buy even if you have kids.

The behavior of a dog depends upon the way it’s been raised and treated and not the breed. As such, next time you go shopping for a dog, staffie should not come as the last option. If you shun the stereotype and buy the breed, here’s how to care for it.

Start off by Knowing Your Dog

Even before you bring home a dog, be sure that you can handle it. As a family of the Terrier group, Staffies grow in height to approximately 1 foot and 4 inches up to shoulder. Staffies belong to the Terrier group and reach about one foot, four inches in height up to the shoulder. Besides, the dog can weigh from 24-48 pounds. How large the parents are will tell you how big the puppy will grow. They have a life expectancy of 12-14 years. It features a masculine and strong figure although they’re known for their loving and trustworthy nature. Although it’s comfortable in the apartment, you need to devote time to walking it outside and even freeing it in a garden so it can play. Normally, they don’t shed much hair but you’ll need lint roller to eliminate it on your furniture and clothing. A dog needs maximum care throughout their life and you have to be devoted.

Regular Walks

Staffies will need to be walked with each passing day due to their masculinity and a powerful figure. It’s an obligation and you’ve got to be ready for it. Walking a dog demands that you have the best dog harness and lead. Be sure to distribute the force across the chest rather than the neck because they pull a lot A lead capable of extending the most preferred rather than the handheld. That gives the dog the freedom to move about gratifying its eagerness. For the best moment, you have to invest in the best dog harness.

Safety in Your Garden

Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed of dog loves playing in the garden. Since they like digging, you can randomly dig a few holes for them. You have to make sure that your garden has no exit point that can let the dog out. Make sure that you have your garden fence augmented by using chicken wire mesh or concrete underneath so the dog cannot dig and find an escape route.

Ensure it’s Cool

Since staffies are prone to excessive heating especially during the summer, put in measures of keeping it cool. Make sure there’s plenty cold water nearby and keep an eye on them.

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